Get Ready to WOW this Festive Season: Your Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous

Now that the Halloween decorations have been neatly packed away, and the Guy Fawkes Fireworks have fizzled out, it's officially time to dive into the magic of the Festive Season! We all know what's on the horizon: gifts to pick out, decorations to adorn our homes with, and those perfect outfits to find. It's such a busy time of year that we often forget about ourselves, and our essential party prep tends to take a back seat.

But fret not, because NYK1 has your back! We've put together a step-by-step guide that covers all the essentials. A little bit of self-care prep and planning will ensure that you radiate the most festive and fabulous version of yourself. When you feel good, you shine as bright as your new sequin dress!

6-8 weeks before:

Beauty: Lashes & Brows

Embark on your lash and brow transformation journey. With NYK1 LashForce & BrowForce you can start seeing results in as little as 2-3 weeks, but for the best results and a flood of compliments from friends and family, kickstart your routine of twice-daily applications now, for the perfect luscious lashes and bold, beautiful brows for the festive season.


Winter tends to bring dry skin along with it, so let's banish that dead skin and give your circulation the boost it craves. Try using an exfoliating mitt such as the NYK1 Exfolimitt a few times a week, indulge in some body brushing, or whip up your own sugar scrub. Buff away that dull, flaky skin to reveal a silky, glowing you.

When the winter chill sets in, it's tempting to cozy up with chocolates and fluffy socks and avoid the cold gym. But fear not, it doesn't need to be treadmills or rowing machines. Just a simple 30-minute walk each day can get your body moving and help you maintain a positive mindset as December's craziness approaches.


If you haven't already booked your pre-Christmas hair appointment, do it now!

4 weeks before:


Treat yourself to a facial! Not only will it relax and calm you before the December chaos, but it can also significantly improve your mood. More importantly, a refreshing winter facial is an excellent way to reset your skin, restoring moisture and preparing it for the upcoming season. If you don't have time for salon treatments, there are plenty of at-home options, including the NYK1 Remove-One Face Mask treatment.

2 weeks before:

Hair Appointment

If you haven't already secured your spot with your hairdresser, now is the time! Whether it's a simple trim, a root touch-up, or a complete new look for the festive season, a trip to the salon is a must. And if you have a special festive night planned, be sure to secure a spot in the stylist's chair for a posh updo.

1 week before:

Gel Nails

Indulge in a Gel manicure with a classic festive red shade. Timing your manicure for the week before should ensure those glossy nails last you right through to New Year's celebrations. NYK1 offers full kits for a DIY Gel Mani at home, and we highly recommend Red Carpet and Masked Queen as the perfect colors. We even have glitter if you want to add a little sparkle!

1-3 days before:


We all look and feel better with a little glow, so if you're up for it, book yourself in for a professional spray tan. Alternatively, you can achieve a sun-kissed look at home (just remember to exfoliate first!). TanForce is easy to apply, streak-free, low-odor, and offers a clear application – so no worries about ruined bed sheets. Plus, it lasts for up to 2+ weeks!

Brow & Lash Check

Thanks to your use of LashForce and BrowForce, you should already have the desired results, so there's no need for further expenses with lash extensions or brow tints.

 Day Before:

 You're all prepped and ready for the big day! Grab a hydrating facemask to ensure you're glowing as much as can be. Then cozy up with a hot chocolate (you've earned it – it's been a busy time!) and make sure to get an early night. The only bags we want you carrying on the big day are those filled with gifts!

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