NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask
NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask
NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask

NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask

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Product Description

NYK1 Remove One is a revolutionary new face mask technology that enables you to perform a DEEP Pore Facial Exfoliation that will leave you looking Bright & Illuminated after Removing One layer of dull lifeless skin.

"Beneath every sallow dull complexion there is a smooth Glowing one waiting to be revealed!"

The instants effects are likened with performing a Micro-Dermabrasion salon treatment as just a fraction of the time and cost. Allow moisturisers, serums and oils an easier and unhindered path into the layers that need them the most. You can do this simple treatment yourself!


  • Removes One layer of dull lifeless skin
  • Clears DEEP and CLOGGED Pores
  • Cleanses and Rejuvenates Skin
  • Takes away De-Hydrated Fine Lines
  • Leaves your skin incredibly soft to Enhance Make-Up Application
  • The Latest innovation in NYK1 Beauty

This 100ml tube will last over 10 treatments, approximately 2 GBP per treatment.

The results after your first treatment will be unbelievable and very similar to Dermabrasion. The first time will be your most dramatic results! Use 1-2 times a week to prevent blockage build up. This will enable open pores to heal and close giving you a smooth, radiant, firmer and tighter more refined complexion than you ever dreamed you could have or knew existed under there.

During the removal process, the dehydrated build up of dead skin cells that create surface fine lines and then go on to become deeper wrinkles and crinkles will no longer exist, making it much less likely for them to form or return. TONING LOTION or cleansing/washing will dissolve final traces of the mask; Leaving a brighter, newer, fresher younger looking you!

Massage in, Dry and then Peel Off! It's Simple!

Take matters into your own hands! Say goodbye to tired surface dehydration and Hello to the brighter new you!


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