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Andrea Asquith

Founder & Director

Joshua Asquith

Co-founder & CEO


NYK1 Secrets was created to bring you the Hair and Beauty secrets that are locked up in today’s Beauty industry.  We love to bring you the highest quality Salon products at affordable prices, delivered to your door complete with the correct information and personal service for you to be able to perform yourself at home, to great accuracy and with great enjoyment.

We all know that healthy Hair, manicured Nails, and silky Skin make for a well-groomed look, and this is the look we all crave. It is also the look that seems to cost a fortune in a Salon and can be way out of reach for the majority of us. Well not anymore!

I myself have been in the industry over 30 years now, having owned my own successful Hair and Beauty Salons. In that time I trained many successful Therapists before deciding that shop management was not for me. I want to show everyone just how easy beautifying can be. It's my job to provide, assist and to show you how to look good and feel great about yourself by making the very best of what you already have!

My experience and understanding of these treatments is the reason why NYK1 products have proven to be so successful, with consistent 5* independent reviews on and a loyal base of happy customers at our website. My products really do work and do actually do what they say they will do. I make sure our Kits contain EVERYTHING that you need to be your own Nail Technician; from the UV or LED Nail Lamp right down to the Wipes that apply NYK1 Prep&Shine.

Included are my own written instructions which answer all the questions that I had when first learning the treatments. As a certified Master Nail Technician and qualified Beauty Therapist I understand the treatments from the inside out, so do not be afraid to ask me very specific questions as to what, how and why each treatment is as it is.

At the time of writing, I have already created many “At-Home” treatments for you, and at the moment I am working closely in 2019 with a Laboratory Chemist to develop my very own in-depth secrets recipes and formulas for many more NYK1 Skin and Hair Care products. Over time I expect to bring you many more so that you can keep on treating yourself at home with my new products and Kits and very easy to follow instructions. 

I hope and trust that you enjoy my products and I look forward to hearing from every one of you at some point!

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