Radiant from Head to Toe: Get your NYK1 Glow!

Lets Glow Baby 😉

The skin is our body's largest organ, standing as our only first line of defense against the world's external challenges. Yet, all too often, it's taken for granted and overlooked. At NYK1, we respect the skin in all its glory, embracing both her perfections and her quirks. Journey with us into a realm where radiance meets self-love, and let us guide you on the path to achieving that NYK1 glow.
Dive in, and discover the secrets of all-body skincare that beckons intrigue at every turn.

Meet the Skin Types 🤝

The first thing you have to consider when approaching skin care is your specific skin type. Skin types are typically categorised based on how your skin naturally behaves, regarding oils, sensitivity, pore size etc. Now, these may seem like scary words, but no panic - We're here to demystify the jargon and guide you through the skincare maze.

Oily Skin 
Characterized by an overproduction of sebum—a natural oil secreted by sebaceous glands—oily skin can mix with lipids to form a protective barrier on the skin's surface. This acts as a natural shield against external elements

Dry Skin
On the flip side, dry skin produces less sebum, leading to a deficiency in the lipids needed to retain moisture and create that protective shield. The result? Skin that may appear dull, rough, or flaky, and often feels tight or itchy.

Combination Skin
True to its name, combination skin is a blend of both oily and dry patches. The T-zone, encompassing the forehead, nose, and chin, tends to be oilier, while the cheeks and surrounding areas lean towards dryness.

Sensitive Skin
This skin type is the delicate flower of the bunch, easily reacting to common products or environmental factors. Manifestations include redness, irritation, or itching. If this sounds like you, a discerning eye for product ingredients is essential.

It's crucial to remember that skin types aren't set in stone. They evolve due to various external factors, like introducing new products to your regimen, or internal shifts such as hormonal changes, dietary adjustments, and aging. Even your geographical location and the changing seasons can play a role. So, as life ebbs and flows, and as climates change, it's vital to remain attuned to your skin's needs and adjust your care routine accordingly.

Cleanse Queen 👑

Every skincare aficionado understands that the path to luminous skin is paved with a flawless cleansing routine. As the foundation of any skincare regimen, it's vital to ensure your cleansing approach is both meticulous and gentle, tailored to your skin's unique characteristics.

The cornerstone of this process lies in choosing the right cleanser that aligns with your skin type. For the Oily-skinned among us, gel-based or foaming cleansers are your best allies. They efficiently combat excess sebum without robbing your skin of its essential natural oils.
On the other hand, those with drier skin should gravitate towards cream or lotion-based cleansers. These hydrating heroes replenish moisture, ensuring your skin feels supple and nourished after every wash.

For the Sensitive souls, your skin demands a touch of tenderness. Gentle, fragrance-free cleansers should be your go-to. Consider formulations enriched with soothing agents like aloe vera, especially if you're susceptible to bouts of itchiness or redness. These ingredients work wonders in calming the skin, ensuring your cleansing experience is as serene as a spa retreat.

Hydration is Key🥛

Skincare transcends facial boundaries; it's a holistic dance that involves every inch of you, from the delicate tips of your eyelashes to the often-overlooked soles of your feet. Just as water is the elixir of life, it's also the lifeblood of radiant skin. Ensuring you're adequately hydrated is like giving your skin a drink, nourishing it from the inside out. As Dr. Steven Deliduka aptly puts it, "Without adequate water intake, skin can appear lackluster, and wrinkles can become more pronounced."

Especially during the biting cold of winter, when harsh winds and dry air conspire against your skin, it's crucial to be proactive in maintaining its hydration. Research has shown the tangible benefits of consistent water intake on skin health. One study revealed that consuming 9.5 cups of water daily over four weeks could significantly impact skin density and thickness. Another intriguing finding is that merely drinking 2 cups of water can boost blood flow to the skin, imparting a natural, healthy glow.

But internal hydration is just one piece of the puzzle. Externally, the magic often lies in a high-quality, hydrating moisturizer. Timing is everything when it comes to maximizing its benefits. Post-shower, when your skin is still slightly damp and more receptive, is the golden window. Applying your moisturizer then ensures it seeps deep into the skin, locking in moisture and amplifying its effects.

In the grand tapestry of skincare, hydration stands out as a thread that weaves everything together. So, raise a glass (of water!) to your skin's health and make hydration a non-negotiable in your daily routine.

The Charcoal Revolution 💃🏼

Another amazing skin and soul rejuvenation tool is a face mask: specifically, Charcoal Face Masks. In the ever-evolving world of skincare, few ingredients have generated as much attention as activated charcoal. Once known for its role in emergency rooms, this black powder has since made its way into the beauty realm; and we are here for it!

Activated charcoal is sourced from bamboo or coconut shells, undergoing a special treatment that increases its porosity. This structure allows it to act like a magnet, drawing out the impurities, toxins and excess oils from the skin. This offers a deep cleansing experience, which is hard to rival!

First, start with a clean canvas, washing your face with your regular cleanser. Then, pat the skin dry gently. Apply NYK1 Remove One, spreading the mask evenly across your skin, ensuring coverage isn't too thick. Ensure to avoid the delicate areas around your eyes and lips. Allow 10-15 minutes for the mask to dry - you may feel a slight tightening sensation, but not to worry, this is the charcoal working it's magic!

Now for the satisfying part, time to peel the mask off! Take your time, the skin is a delicate thing, and needs time and attention. Start from the bottom of the facemask, peeling upwards, making sure to pull the skin tight to ensure no extra pulling is inflicted on the skin. Once removed, apply a hydrating moisturiser to lock in hydration, and reap the benefits of refreshed and revitalised skin beneath!

Here at NYK1, we say let's snuggle up on the sofa this autumn, with a glass of wine, slippers and a charcoal facemask to protect us from the cold outside 🧖‍♀️

The Magic of Exfoliation ✨

Exfoliation is often hailed as the unsung hero of skincare. Yet, at NYK1, it's a star player. We wholeheartedly embrace the mantra, "Out with the old and in with the new," especially in the realm of skincare. For this transformative journey, our Exfolimitt's are the perfect companions.

At its essence, exfoliation gently sweeps away dead skin cells from the surface, revealing a fresher, more vibrant complexion underneath. For those with dry skin, this process can be especially rejuvenating, sloughing off flaky patches to unveil smoother skin. However, when we neglect this crucial step, dead skin cells accumulate, leading to a dull appearance and, for oily or combination skin types, the dreaded clogged pores. This buildup can also act as a barrier, making it challenging for our cherished skincare products to penetrate and work their magic. By exfoliating regularly, not only do we enhance our skin's natural glow, but we also optimize the efficacy of those precious skincare investments.

The face often garners the most attention in exfoliation discussions. A gentle facial exfoliant, used once or twice a week, can work wonders. It can combat signs of aging, clear congested pores, and impart that sought-after glow. For sensitive skin types, it's paramount to choose a product that isn't too abrasive to avoid microtears or irritation. This is where our Bamboo Face Cloth shines. Bamboo provides a gentle exfoliation experience, complemented by its soft and smooth texture. Moreover, its natural antibacterial properties are a boon, especially for acne-prone skin, as it can help reduce bacteria that lead to breakouts.

Beyond the face, areas like the elbows, knees, and heels often reflect the wear and tear of our daily adventures, be it trekking through the Amazon Rainforest or simply basking in the summer sun wearing flip-flops. Targeting these areas with a bit more vigor, followed by a moisturizer, can ensure they remain soft and radiant, even as autumn's chill sets in. For those seeking extra pampering for their heels, we highly recommend the NYK1 Megafile. This, when paired with the NYK1 Smoothie, can transform even the roughest heels into soft, smooth surfaces, ready for any adventure that comes their way.

While the benefits of exfoliation are numerous, it's essential to remember that moderation is key. The skin, our body's protective barrier, faces numerous external challenges daily. For those with sensitive or dry skin, over-exfoliation can be particularly detrimental. Our goal is to nurture it, not strip it of its vital natural oils. So, as we embrace the magic of exfoliation, let's celebrate the radiant glow of every skin type in all its natural splendor!

Golden Hour, every hour ☀️

In the summer's quest for perfect sun-kissed glows, many of us unintentionally put our skin through the rigor. Overexposure to UV can cause an array of very damaging effects to the skin, such as; premature aging, sunburn, DBA damage, reduced barrier function and even a weakened immune system (to name a few).

We get it, the sun kissed goal is something worth sweltering on the precisely positioned sunbed, lathered in slimy suncream. But with autumn well and truly capturing the sun, what if i told you, you could keep your sun kissed skin AND hide away from those harmful rays?

Introducing, NYK1 Tanforce! A fake tan mousse for all your skincare desires. It's signature low foaming formula is odourless, clear and quick to dry - meaning your self care evening doesn't involve standing sticky in a corner while the white blanket, white sofa and white dressing gown beckon you from a world of untouchable cosiness. This also means the formula dries streak free, meaning you can convince all your friends the natural, 'sun' induced tan has lasted all throughout the winter.

Achieving this flawless finish begins as all good art should, with a blank canvas. Preparing the skin is essential, following the Exfoliation steps mentioned above. By gently removing the dead skin cells, you ensure a smooth application of the tan. Another aid in this will be the NYK1 MegaMitt, which will become your new application bestfriend. Its microfibre material ensures smooth application all across the skin, without soaking the product through to your hands (meaning your hands also remain Fake Tan disaster free). Using long, sweeping motions will also prevent unnecessary collection of the product in places, therefore avoiding darker patches. Why not also try the NYK1 Back Tanner, to actively and efficiently cover those tricky areas our arms can't quite reach.

Remember, fake tanning isn't just about how dark we can make our skin look - it is about confidence! Apply additional coats as you see fit, depending on your desired colour. Do not fall into the trap of applying more and more layers when results don't show right away - tanning is a matter of patience whether it is in the sunshine or the comfort of your own bathroom. Allow the tan 6 - 12 hours to develop, revealing a bronzed, radiant version of you 🤩

Our NYK1 self care day doesn't have to stop there - don't forget to incorporate NYK1 LashForce and BrowForce into your skincare routine. Long Luscious lashes are something we all strive for, so implementing this addition into your steps will be life changing. Even adding a little Nail Polish to your nails can make us feel ready to tackle the winter - why not give your nails a break from the Acrylic nails we all adhorn for the summer hols and try out NYK1 Builder Gel, and add a little life back into your nails, as well as your skin.

If you follow these steps and top tips, we guarantee you will leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to face the coming winter head on (with skin smoother than Jon Snow ever had 😉).

Lots of love, 

NYK1 xx

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