NYK1 Atlanta Kit with 4 COLOURS
NYK1 Atlanta Kit with 4 COLOURS
NYK1 Atlanta Kit with 4 COLOURS

NYK1 Atlanta Kit with 4 COLOURS

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Product Description

This Essentials Kit contains everything you need to fully complete your Gel Nail Manicures & Pedicures yourself, from start to finish!

Now with NYK1 Pure Acetone for removal. These gel nail starter essentials kits are designed to pay for themselves in just a matter of weeks. If you are new to gel nail manicures, you can complete stunning 14 day plus Professional Manicures & Pedicures by following our fully comprehensive yet simple instructions, which guide you through any uncertainties. We also have a step-by-step demonstration application available to watch on YouTube (Click here to open).


Select your lamp, and we'll build your kit!

The LED lamp will work faster (just 30seconds per layer) but is a little bit more expensive than the UV lamp (just 2minutes per layer). UV is the industry standard, but all NYK1 Gel Nail Polishes are both LED and UV compatible. For home-use, a UV lamp is more common - however for professional use, the faster curing time of LED is paramount to productivity!

Click to watch our NYK1 Application Video on YouTube!


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