Megafile - Instructions (UK)

With over 400 micro bi-directional micro blades quickly remove the toughest of calluses and dry skin in seconds. Super powerful and very strong with no nicks to the skin. No electronic items or batteries needed.

Use on dry or wet, hard and calloused skin on the heels and soles of feet. We find that the best results come from using damp (not wet) so that your feet are already slightly softened!

File forwards and backwards until fresh new skin is reached, then STOP. Overuse will cause soreness. For an ultimate silky smooth Salon perfect finish, follow with the SMOOTHIE.

Sanitise by washing with soap and water. Remove the handle sheath and soak in Barbicide for 10 minutes.

CAUTION: Do not use if you are a diabetic, have poor blood circulation, open wounds or foot related infections. Consult a doctor before using if in any doubt.