NYK1 Tan Force Self Tan Cream Mousse - no streak, no stain Tanning
NYK1 Tan Force Self Tan Cream Mousse, no stain Tanning
Award Winning Self Tan - NYK1 Tanforce Tan Force
NYK1 Tan Force Award Winning Self Tan Mousse
Tan Force Kit, Tan Mousse, Self Tanning Mitt and Exfoliating Mitt Glove
NYK1 Tan Force and Brown Tanning Mitt Glove
NYK1 Tan Force Mousse and Black Tanning Mitt Glove
TanForce Tan Mousse for Tan Force Bronze Glow all year round

NYK1 Tan Force Tan Invisible Body and Face Tanning Foam Mousse

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Product Description

NYK1 Tan Force Tan Mousse Foam for your Body and / or Face

Tanforce Tanning

low odour tanning

Amazingly quick and easy to apply for a natural streak free tan. Tan Force is a clear foam mousse with no added staining colour, so no more ruined bed sheets. Our Low Foaming formula (the less foam the better) is specially formulated so it DOES NOT dry out skin.
No more ugly crocodile scaling or mottled appearance from a spray mist. Tan Force fades DISCREETLY over time, ready for the next top up. Be bronzed all year long with a gold skinny Australian look false tan that INSTANTLY DRIES, LOW ODOUR and FLAWLESS.
A Message from Andrea
After many years of researching with my lab technicians we finally came up with a clear, low foam, none dehydrating Self Tanning Mousse that I named Tan Force!

I developed my own Tan because I was so tired of all the annoying side effects from the other Fake Tan products on the market that I've tried over the years. Suntanned skin looks good, it looks healthy, we all want that. We love the Sun but unfortunately it doesn't love us. I've created a product that does love us, it's kind and gentle, paraben free, easy to use with no nasty side effects.

It all starts with the messy application and the sticky creams that take forever to dry. My Tan is clear so can't leave unsightly brown patches on clothing and underwear, it's water based, dry and good to go in literally seconds. You can dress immediately with no marks from clothing.
Colour development is fast within 6 hours, but will progress much more over a 24 hour period.

Tans usually work out very expensive because you need to use such a lot especially with the lotion and cream types, the tube contents are gone after just a few applications.
Tan Force will last and last as only a tiny smear is needed for a light Tan, a 2nd coat will give a deep Tan and a 3rd will create a deep dark Tan.
Tan Mousse products are usually made with a high foam soap content which dries out your skin and looks mottled and then patchy as it wears off. This is the worst side effect of all. It's unsightly, hard to exfoliate and prepare for a re-Tan.

I recommend exfoliating with the NYK1 ExfoliMitt around 10 days into your Tan then again the next day. This will NOT totally remove your beautiful golden Tan, but it will prepare your skin to accept a regular Top-Up for a smooth, permanent all year round glowing Tan.

I love my NYK1 Tan Force, I hope that you do too! Andrea xx


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