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NYK1 Professional Emery Board Nail Files (10 Pack)
NYK1 Salon Quality Emery Board Nail File
NYK1 Nail File Emery Board - Salon Professional Grade
NYK1 Professional Emery Board Nail Files (10 Pack)
NYK1 Emery Board Nail Files for Natural and Acrylic Nails

NYK1 Professional Nail File Emery Boards 10 Pack

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Product Description

Professional Nail Files Emery Boards - (Pack of 10) STRONG HIGH QUALITY Nail Files 100/180 Grit File Emery Boards For Natural Nails and Acrylic Nails - Nail File Set

  • GRADE 100 / 180 GRIT FILE

NYK1 manicure emery board files are professional salon quality specifically crafted for quickly trimming and shaping your nails whether you wish to file your natural nails or acrylic nails to the desired shape or length. The emery boards can also be used to buff your nails to a lovely smooth finish.

NYK1 Emery boards are double sided making them long lasting and ideal for use with all types of nail, beauty manicure tips, fake nails and gel nail treatments. With the durability of the professional grade nail file grit of 100/180 gives you the versatility of the different grit needed as used in the salons.

  • ★ 10 NAIL FILES PROFESSIONAL NAIL SALON EMERY FILES - These manicure files are perfect for quickly trimming down or shaping the natural or acrylic nail to your desired shape or length. File and buff nails to a smooth finish.

  • ★ STRONG SHELLAC NAIL POLISH GRADE 100 / 180 GRIT FILE - two different salon quality grits to complete the must have emery board manicure tools kit to add to your acrylic nail kits or even just a acrylic nail file / nails file for your handbag.

  • ★ DOUBLE SIDED LONG LASTING DURABILITY - for use with all type of nail beauty manicure tips fake nails treatment gel nail accessories and tools

  • ★ FILE AND BUFF ACRYLICS TOO - with nail file and buffer for the perfect natural smooth finish nail accessories and nail arts and crafts for girls and professionals. Use these great files tools and then your NYK1 White Buffer Block / Nail File Block. You can then use cuticle oils or go straight into applying home gel nails. These files are more commonly used than glass nail files as a nail care kit.



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