NYK1 Professional Cuticle Nipper Clipper
Professional Cuticle Clipper Cutter
NYK1 Cuticle Nipper Clipper

NYK1 Professional Cuticle Nippers - Podiatry Tool Manicure Cuticle Clipper

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Product Description

NYK1 Professional Cuticle Nippers - Podiatry Tool Manicure Cuticle Clipper
Fed up of ordinary cuticle nippers that are blunt and tear at the cuticle, or won't cut hard skin around nails? 
NYK1 Cuticle Nippers are just what you are looking for.


  • German Stainless Steel
  • Hospital Grade, Biocompatible, Reusable Medical Device
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Lightweight and Balanced
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Easy to clean

Forged from German steel, these cuticle cutters are hospital grade, bio compatible, fully autoclave, reusable medical device.

With extremely sharp machine honed blades, little pressure is needed when cutting thick skin, cuticles and hangnails; especially good in the care of the elderly. Sturdy, with a box joint design, they have a lightweight and balanced feel which makes them safe and comfortable to use.

Handles are in brushed steel which provides a comfortable grip, so you can easily stay in control and cut cleanly.
A protective cap reduces the risk of injury when the tool is stored in its high-quality plastic sleeve.

Easy to clean and maintain Always ready to use.

An ideal tool for personal care as well as professional care by chiropodists and podiatrists.

Directions for Use:

1. Before clipping, soak hands in warm water for 5 to 10 mins.

2. Using a clean towel, dry hands thoroughly taking care to dry between the fingers.

3. Following the natural contour of the nail when clipping cuticles, do not round corners.

4. Use small clips for cleaner results and to prevent damage to the nail.

5. Remove excess cuticle with a wooden cuticle pusher stick.


Safety Information:

Medical device with sharp blades; keep out of reach of children.


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