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NYK1 Prep and Shine 30ml

NYK1 Prep and Shine 30ml

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Product Description

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"The Strongest and Fastest Professional Cleanser that sanitizes the nail plate and wipes away gel residue. The Perfect Shining Solution for Gel Nails"
NYK1 Prep and Shine is the leading established Gel Nail formula around for use during Professional gel nail application.

What Does it Do?
Prep&Shine has 4 primary uses:

  1. It dehydrates sanitises and cleanses the nail bed prior to applying gel nail polish to ensure the strongest hygienic bond between the Nail and Gel Base Coat (to prevent Uplifting and early Chipping of the Nail)
  2. It Completely Removes any Sticky Gel Residual on top of the Final Coat of Top Coat - just add only a few drops to a Lint Free Pad and wipe over the nail to reveal a beautiful, glossy, shiny and streak/smudge Free finish to your nails.
  3. Using a Nail Art brush, dip the end in Prep&Shine to use as a corrective aid during application (as demonstrated on the NYK1 YouTube Video).
  4. Safely and Hygienically Sanitizes nail art brushes and instruments by just soaking in a Dappen Dish

Step-by-Step... After preparing the Nails and washing hands ready for Treatment, add a few drops of NYK1 Prep&Shine to a Lint Free Wipe. Scrub clean each nail thoroughly until squeaky clean. It is important that the nail is cleansed in this way prior to Base Coat application otherwise the Base Coat seal will not bond correctly to an unclean nail, causing Uplifting or Cracking/Chipping prematurely. You are now ready for Base Coat!

After the Top Coat has cured under the lamp, again add a few drops of NYK1 Prep&Shine to a fresh Lint Free Pad to instantly wipe away any sticky residual Gel from the nails to reveal the highest Gloss Shine possible.


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