NYK1 Pure Acetone 250ml and 550 Nail Wipes Pack Polish Remover
NYK1 Acetone to remove gel nail polish and acrylic nails
NYK1 Pure Acetone 250ml and 550 Nail Wipes Pack Polish Remover

NYK1 Pure Acetone 250ml and 550 Nail Wipes Pack Polish Remover

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Product Description

NYK1 PURE Acetone 250ml and 550 Lint Free SCRUB Wipes Salon Strength. Gel Nail Polish Remover

NYK1 Acetone is the purest so you get the best removal results every time. Do not accept any diluted alternative for your nails.

  • This is the strongest and fastest Acetone on the market today. Superior Quality PURE Acetone Nail Polish Remover

  • Suitable for ALL UV/LED & Acrylic Systems. 1x Acetone / Remover 250ml with 550 Nail Wipes

  • Lint Free means no fibres or particles are left behind allowing for the neatest, smoothest and glossiest of applications

  • 550 NYK1 Lint Free SCRUB Wipes

550 LINT FREE SCRUB WIPES WITH A DIFFERENCE! Fibre free and with a slightly abrasive surface that is great for scrubbing your Nails super squeaky clean prior to treatment. This will help with a stronger bonding process and enable any Nail Treatment to last much longer. Scrub Wipes can also be used at the end of the treatment to remove sticky residue. NYK1 Scrub Wipes are not suitable for soaking off Gel Nail Polish.

NYK1 Acetone can be used to remove Gel Nail Polish in several ways.

We always recommend to use your file to lightly buff off the Shiny layer of the NYK1 Nailac or compatible gel nail system TOP COAT on all fingers, just very lightly so that the colour is dull.

You can then use Nail Wraps or Foils, soak a nail wipe or tiny nail size piece of cotton wool in our Pure Acetone and secure onto the nail.

Alternatively, pour 2 inches of Acetone remover into a non-metal dish / bowl and soak the nails for 10 to 20 minutes. To speed things up you can place the dish of Acetone in a Bain Marie (bowl of hot water).

When the gel is soft enough, gently use a Metal Cuticle pusher to remove the remains of the gel, then give the nails another good wipe over with Acetone. Be very careful to only scrape away the Gel Polish and NOT the natural nail. Once the Gel is removed , one or two light strokes with a White Block Buffer is all that will be required.


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