How Do I Choose A Gel Nail Kit?
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How To Choose Your Gel Nail Polish Shellac Starter Kit There Are Just 3 Decisions To Make

Choosing the right nail lamp for you - UV or LED?

This is definitely one of the biggest decisions, so here’s what you need to know.

There are two types of nail lamps; UV and LED. The difference is how quickly they dry (cure) your gel nail polish. Both lamps will dry and solidify the polish with the exact same result. UV nail lamps will cure the polish in approximately 2 minutes per coat, and LED lamps will cure in approximately 30-40 seconds per coat. LED lamps are a little bit more expensive (approximately £20 more), however unlike UV, you'll never have to replace the bulbs because LED bulbs last for thousands of hours!

NYK1 Nailac gels cure by both UV and LED rays, but it is important to note that not all UV gel polishes are LED compatible.

If you're like us you will fall in love with your kit. You'll be looking for any excuse to do your nails! So if you think you'll be using your kit a lot, then go for LED! All of our kits allow you the choice on the product pages.

What do I need in my kit?

If you've done any research so far, you'll see that shellac nail kits come in various shapes and sizes. So what do you need in yours?

If you're completely new to doing the treatment yourself, and you love experimenting, then you'll need the Elite kit. This ensures that you have every single tool necessary to complete a perfect salon quality gel nail Manicure from start to finish.

If you're a trainee nail technician, or have already tried Manicures - fingernails - and Pedicures - toenails - before, then you may already have some essential items - things like Soak Off Dishes, Nail Art Brushes, Diamonds and Glitters etc - then this is when you should consider an Essentials or Basics kit.

Below is a handy comparison table between the kit types.

Contents Comparison

Basics Kit From £79
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Essentials Kit From £99
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Elite Kit From £119
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UV or LED Lamp
Top & Base Coats
Prep & Shine
CND Solar Oil
Which brand of polish should I choose?

This is your most important decision, and we can’t help but have a slight bias here.. But let us talk to you about why it is important.

Next, polish quality. After just a few home manicures you quickly learn just how important Nail Polish or Gel Polish quality is. Some brands are aimed to appeal to the masses, and for this reason their gel quality just doesn’t meet the true standards of salons, which is why you won’t see it being used there. NYK1 Nailac is a salon quality professional brand, so you will find that your NYK1 gel nail Manicures will not only look strikingly gorgeous, but they will last much much longer without chipping, peeling or lifting!

With your NYK1 Kit you can still use other gel nail polish brands too! Just check that the other brand is compatible with the Lamp type - UV or LED - you choose.

Now you're ready to choose your kit - click continue below!

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