NYK1 Remove One Face Mask, exfoliating cleansing charcoal mask
NYK1 Removeone Exfoliating Face Mask
NYK1 Remove One Deep Pore Clean Face Mask

NYK1 Remove One Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask

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Product Description

NYK1 Remove One 


NYK1 Remove One is a revolutionary new face mask technology that enables you to perform a DEEP Pore Facial Exfoliation that will leave you looking Bright and Illuminated after Removing One layer of dull lifeless skin.

A Message from Andrea, Founder of NYK1 RemoveOne

"I designed this amazing black charcoal, ultra-sticky, fast drying, peel off mask so it doesn't disturb, ruffle, irritate or agitate Acne or Spotty skin problems in the slightest. It dries tight onto the skin, gripping the blockages and dead cells. They are removed and unplugged instantly with my NYK1 RemoveOne mask as you peel. Leaving your acid mantle (natural oils that kill bacteria) intact! Which are very, very important to your skin's health.

The first time you use NYK1 RemoveOne, it may bring tears to your eyes, keep up with it every week and the easier it will become. The thicker you apply NYK1 RemoveOne, the stronger the result."

Kindest Regards

Andrea - The Founder of NYK1



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