NYK1 Cosmetic Nail Case
NYK1 Secure Vanity Cosmetic Storage Case
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case
NYK1 Cosmetic Storage Vanity Case for Nail Accessories
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case
NYK1 Vanity Nail Case

NYK1 Vanity Nail Case

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Product Description

NYK1 Vanity Nail Cosmetic Case for travel and storage, store all your cosmetics in one secure lockable case.

This beautiful Tailor Made Bespoke NYK1 Vanity Nail Case offers you the freedom to not only store your important daily items, but is especially designed for ease of use allowing you to work from the Case so that it doesn't need to be emptied out each time. Saving you lots of time and effort! The beautiful pull out velvet tray keeps all the essentials in one place so all your tools are instantly accessible and laid out in front of you, ready for use.

  • Pull out velvet tray 
  • Adjustable removable dividers 
  • Strong Aluminium Reinforced edges
  • Combination lockable

Your Polishes can be displayed to your client or friends from the case, again no need to take the whole lot out to have to be put back in again after use. One side is designed for smaller bottles such as NYK1 Nailac / Shellac / Gel Polish.

All dividers are adjustable and the remaining side is predominantly for larger Polish bottles.The trays are on very stable runners that move to either side allowing instant and full access to the larger space beneath. Beneath the Polishes and Removable Velvet Display Tray, there is ample space to store and protect your UV or LED Lamp with more room to add a client Towel on top, plus 3 bottle holders for your upright items.

The dividers in the base are removable so if you only need to store one or two, you can choose to make them snug and non movable by re-inserting the divider into your desired spot, or alternatively you can remove them to open up the space for larger items.

  • Perfect to store UV or LED Nail Lamp
  • Sturdy, Strong Aluminium Reinforced edges for protection
  • Finished with chrome detail
  • Secured by 2 x Combination locks

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