Agi Max DNA Kit - Home Hair Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment Kit
Agi Max DNA Kit - Home Hair Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment Kit

Agi Max DNA Kit - Home Hair Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment Kit

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Product Description

Agi Max DNA Kit - Home Hair Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment Kit - RED DNA

Anti-Volume Agi Max DNA

With unique blend formed by Hidrahair DNA® and Seriliss® provides gradual reduction of volume and alignment of the hair, combining treatment with hydration for recovery of the fibre and intracuticular protection.

Agi Max DNA is a professional treatment that simultaneously promotes gradual reduction of hair volume, bringing shine, softness, protection and internal restoration to hair fibres from inside the cuticle.


Brand New and Improved 180 degrees Lower Temperature Brazilian Keratin

Nano Keratin works by coating and infusing the hair with conditioning oils and Keratin. It can be used on all hair types although due to the high temperature of hair straighteners we do not recommend this product for full head bleached or over-processed hair. Highlights are fine but use this treatment before due to high heat.

"This is a life changing treatment! Humidity Issues are solved!" - Amazon Reviewer

During the treatment the keratin is heat sealed in by straighteners and bonds to the inner and outer surface of each hair strand, literally like glue. Smoothing and sealing shut lifted cuticles. The coarse, dull, wiry, rough hair that you have always been used to will vanish for 3-4 months, leaving your hair smooth, glossy and a swish with movement that you could only dream of. Bad hair days will be a thing of the past! Trying is believing!

Which AGI MAX is right for you?

  • Agi Max GOLD - 70-80% Straightening with added Conditioner
  • Agi Max RED DNA - *NEW* Strongest 80-90% Straightening

This product Can be used on ALL Hair Types but please check your hair's tolerance to temperature of your Straightening Irons first.

Bleached Hair
Use DNA 1 week BEFORE Highlights or 1 week+ AFTER treatment for Full Head Bleaching.

How to use:

- Wash your hair in hot water with Shampoo Agi Max DNA by up to 04 times. Watch out for the regions behind the ear and neck;

- Thoroughly dry the hair with the help of a hot dryer, it is not necessary to brush. Only untangle the wires when dry;

- Divide the hair into four parts, from forehead to neck and from ear to ear;

- Place sufficient amount of AgI Anti-Max Volume DNA in a container. With the help of a brush start the application, lock to lock, the neck, heading toward the top of the head (note: the product should be applied to 1 cm root).

- Wait 20 minutes and rinse. Thoroughly dry the hair without brushing procedure.

- Split hair into four parts again and apply the plank 150 ° C to 180 ° C for five to ten times each strand. After completion of the board, wait about ten minutes for the hair cool. Then rinse the sink thoroughly hair preferably with cold water (Note: Do not use shampoo to remove the product, only water).

- In own sink, apply Finishing Agi Max DNA, massaging the wires for 5 minutes. Comb hair and rinse again, preferably with cold water.

- Dry the hair with your fingers only, brush-less, to view the results obtained from the Agi Max DNA System treatment.

-1 Agi Max DNA System Shampoo Deep Cleaning 60ml

-1 Agi Max DNA System Anti-Volume 60ml

-1 Agi Max DNA System Balm Finish 55 g


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