NYK1 Disposable Micro Swabs
NYK1 Disposable Micro Swabs

NYK1 Disposable Micro Swabs

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Product Description

NYK1 Disposable Micro Swabs are perfect for multiple uses. From the finer application of False Eye Lashes to a Neatening up lipstick and gel nail polish making it the perfect makeup application tool.

  • Micro Swabs are required for the finer application processes of applying and removing Individual False Eyelash Extensions.
  • Swabs make the application easy and can also used to remove adhesive if misplaced. A Micro Swab allows the tiniest of unwanted adhesive to be removed.
  • Perfect for removing unwanted or misplaced Nail Polish or Gel Polish when painting Nails
  • 100 Cotton tipped Micro Swabs in Hot Pink

Disposable Micro Swabs are non-linting and very comfortable to use and being disposable they are very clean and help to prevent infection.

This high quality disposable micro brush applicators are used on eye lashes during the eyelash extensions application.

Perfect for removing old, damaged lash or mascara before application. Used for preparation of the lashes by applying primer or other cleanser.

Also suitable for removing glue excess if accidentally applied too much.

The fine tip of the micro brush allows you to isolate a specific area, without touching the other lashes and without wasting product.

Micro brush features flexible neck and plastic handle. Quick and easy to use. Professional product!

Disposable, clean and sanitary, prevent infection, lint free. Excellent choice for eye lash extension technicians - salons and individuals

Please note you will receive 1 pack of 100 applicators

Colour: Pink
Brand: NYK1
Type: Micro Brush / Swab
Features: Eyelash Extensions / Nail Polish brush

Suitable for both Salon and Home use.


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