To Fake Tan or not to Fake Tan? The million dollar question

Hi guys,

I'm back again writing on my blog, this time about fake tan, self tan, whichever you prefer to call it.

As we all know there are an array of self tanners on the shelves these days. You can buy it from the supermarket, from high street stores such as Primark, and pretty much any cosmetic store anywhere in the UK.

You no longer have to traipse to a salon to have a spray tan, or even have someone apply fake tan to your whole body with a mitt (like back in the day, the old fashioned way!).

The fact that we can buy it anywhere and everywhere, but is it actually a blessing or not?

I sense a few are thinking not, and that the beauty industry has become too much of a minefield of products, too many biased reviews perhaps and possibly too many miracle claims?

Well at NYK1 we are here to give it to you straight - the information regarding the products, real unedited customer results, and most important the real deal products.

Why choose NYK1 Tan Force, Developing Self Fake Tan?

Why not is the real question here, but let me hit you with a few facts about our product and its formulations.

  1. We do not test on animals! FACT.
  2. The self tan has been especially formulated so there is no scent with it, so no 'biscuity' smell like a lot on the market. And it doesn't smell even if you are sweating in the gym etc.
  3. Tan force does not stain your bedding or clothes (Hurrah! I hear you applaud) - how many white vest tops have we had to replace ladies and gents?
  4. It is a 250ml!!.....Say whaaatttt? The average size of fake tan on the market is 125ml, and some of the popular lotions only last two nights out maximum! This product lasts for months and avoids that dreaded feeling of having to constantly pay just to look beautiful.
  5. Tan Force is a non-sticky, quick drying, low foaming self tan that will not dry out your skin.
  6. NYK1 Tan Force gives a natural, streak free golden glow all year round.
  7. The tan fades gently and it doesn't crack and leave you like some form of Lizard shedding.
  8. The colour is buildable. One layer is enough, and adding more layers gives a darker tan.
  9. Oh and we sell the best fake tan application mitts on the market. They give even application and also come with a complimentary mini face mitt. These mitts are fantastic as the product cant soak through and stain your hands. The Mitts are also machine washable so this is most definitely an investment (how many £3.00 foam mitts have we thrown away?!)
  10. with this many positives do I need to carry on? well if so read below. ??

Did I also mention that at NYK1 we offer FREE DELIVERY, and all orders over £40 qualify for FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! (when you order before 3pm!)

Click here to take you straight to our Tan Force tanning products!

Thanks again for reading and see you soon for my Blog on our Facial oils.
Love from Lydia,
NYK1 xx
11th September 2017


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