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First of all let me ask, are you using NYK1 lash force eyelash and eyebrow serum? If yes, fantastic and thank you for being a loyal and appreciated customer of ours. You should already be seeing amazing results with this product.

If your answer was no, you are not using NYK1 eyelash and eyebrow lash force serum, then why not? Dubious perhaps? Are you thinking to yourself, can an eyelash serum really help enhance your eyelashes to appear thicker, stronger and longer? Maybe there are so many products on the market with miracle claims and you find it impossible to choose?
Well, help is at hand because with our NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum formulations we have the evidence, the science and use the right ingredients to back up our claims for everyone.

Customer Results - Before/After picture

What does it do?
The concentrated 3 in 1 formula activates, rebuilds and even regenerates natural hair growth within your own natural eyelash/eyebrow cycle. The product helps to nurture and protect the existing structure of each hair follicle, whilst feeding the hair's natural growth cycle so that their roots thrive on a healthy cycle to lengthen both lashes lashes and brows. By stimulating the growth at the roots you are also able to fill in the missing gaps within the eyebrows. Lash Force has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested to be used specifically for the eyes. This product will not change your eye colour like other risky and untested serums out there!

How do I use it?
All you have to do is apply twice daily, once in the morning before make-up, and then once again at night. Here is a quick 30second application routine:

  1. Start by dipping the brush into tube. The brush needs to be drenched but not dripping.
  2. Next, apply like a liquid eyeliner, by brushing 3 to 5 droplets of serum across the ROOTS of each Eyelash or Brow. Using the brush, keep dipping for a few more drops of the liquid and push well in to the Root's skin to break through the natural oil barrier of each and every hair root.
  3. DONE! All Roots should be wet, but not dripping. Leave a few seconds to air dry.

You should apply a generous amount of the formula to the root of the eyelashes and it is very important to push the serum into the roots. *note* If using for eyebrow growth where the hairs are sparse, push in and around the area to stimulate the hair growth.

I myself used it twice a day to begin with, once in the morning before applying makeup (to make it most effective) even though the serum can be used after applying makeup, and once in an evening before bed. Use for 8-12 weeks to see optimum results however results are often noticed after 3 weeks. You must continue using even if you don't see the results immediately. Apply correctly and this product will not fail!

This eyelash serum is one of the best selling beauty products on Amazon with hundreds and hundreds of 5 star reviews. It is also a customer favourite and best seller on our website.

This product really does work but don't just take our word for it, order today at the following link and receive free delivery -> Learn More about NYK1 Lash Force

Don't forget to send in your results pictures as we love to hear and see our customer success stories!!

Love NYK1 xx

2nd September 2017


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